There are times when people and things become difficult. We begin to struggle. We become angry and disappointed with life; we point our finger and blame it for not being what we want it to be. People say that life is this, and life is that, but what do people really know? People know ego. And so, they don’t understand things so well. They think life is broken. But really, there is nothing wrong with life. People will say and do things that upset us, but that’s just behavior. That’s their habit. Things will be as they are, but that’s how things are. That’s their nature. And so, people and things may not always be as we wish them to be, but that’s okay.

Go to a tree and make it a dog. It doesn’t happen. Should we then continue to wish the tree becomes a dog? It won’t happen. The tree will stay a tree. That’s its nature. So why do we get angry that a tree cannot become a dog for us? Life is like this.
Instead, you should eat fruit from the tree and forget about the tree becoming a dog. Where is the conflict then? This is the right view.