Update, Status, new and true. Tap, tap, tapping keyboards too
You didn’t know? I thought you knew…
—just posted up this afternoon
Now can’t you see my happiness?
What’s all this nonsense…
I’ve never heard of such a thing, my phone still rings at three A.M.
And don’t they love to send me texts, reply to all, I choose the best
I’m having sex before breakfast. 
I’m well connected, comprehensive, introspective and self-elected.
I’m undervalued and overwhelmed.
I’m popular, and can’t you tell?
I’m undersold—you see me now—
I’m comin’ up and talking loud, just wait till my first movie’s out. 
In living all our fantasies and making all our dreams
This futuristic culture brings just everything it seems. 
Where everybody’s smiling, 
We always get along,
Picture after picture, we’re lyrics of a song. 
Sipping on our bottles and playing on our phones,
Perfection of our makeup, and drinks from dusk till dawn.  
We’re perfect little people, we never seem to fall. 
We’re all that’s bright and beautiful, with glowing screens and all.
Our picture perfect posing
Our towers big and strong
Where all is ever well,
And nothing’s ever wrong.