gun control

Gun Control and the Impulse to Kill

Gun culture and a lack of gun control go hand in hand in the United States. Cowboys, SWAT teams, and that drunken neighbor who swears he knows someone in the NAVY seals—they all have one thing in common: they’re all bigger, […]

5 Horrible Lies We Tolerate Every Day

You know that saying, “sometimes it’s easier living the lie?” Well, if that still rings true we just might be living the easiest life imaginable. Who decides exactly when the jig is up, when the music stops? Because when that happens, […]

Are You Holding Your Breath?

Check your breath. Is it deep? Shallow? Quick and short? Calm and controlled? The breath provides great insight about the integrity of our lives. Think about it. Being alive in itself does not say much about the quality of such living; […]

The 4 Types of Erections Everyone Should Know

Erections are actually quite mystical. When it comes to vaginas and the mystery of womanhood, the idea practically sells itself. You could read the science literature, but the enchantment prevails. I mean, what exactly IS a clitoris REALLY and why […]

Forrest Gump is a Zen Master

Forrest Gump. A man so ridiculously successful he makes Arnold Schwarzenegger look like that slacker with a reserved seat in after-school detention. Forrest Gump just may be the greatest example of how ignorance equals bliss—or perhaps he’s just the greatest […]