Have perfect posture
Wake up earlier in the morning
Eat more fruits and vegetables
Have fun
See the world
Get a Masters degree
Get a Doctorate
Watch your debt
Stop biting your nails
You are always right
Study harder
Be more assertive with yourself
Meditate every day
Keep writing
Forget about the future, live now
Be fearless
Don’t forget to make music
Sing every day
Never give up
You know nothing
Everyone but you has got it “all figured out”
You don’t need fame
Without clear goals you will never be successful
Don’t beat yourself up about things
You are great at sex
Make as many friends as possible
You are lucky
You are ugly
No one is as talented as you are
Always remember those who love you
Try to love others as best you can
Stretch in the morning
If you are lonely, you are weak
Take your time
Stop masturbating
You must be popular
Higher education is overrated and overpriced and you don’t need it
Hurry up
Get rich
Play the guitar
Your teeth should be whiter
Plan for the future
No one really loves you
Don’t try to read people’s minds
Shut up sometimes
You are not perfect
You are selfish
You must be strong
It’s okay to be angry
Stupid people deserve to be punished
No one will ever completely “get you”, and that’s okay
Money is not the most important thing
It’s okay to be scared
You know everything
Having clear goals is not necessarily the best predictor of success
You are often wrong
Being wrong doesn’t mean you’re stupid
Surprises are a wonderful thing
You are terrible at sex
Get famous
There’s nothing wrong with masturbating
You will never have it “all figured out”, and that’s okay
No one really knows anything for sure, people are just guessing, just like you.
Always thank others for their efforts
Always praise others for their efforts
Always encourage others’ dreams and passions
Less thinking, more doing
People should always understand you
You cannot truly love others
It’s okay to give up
You must be funny
You have no real talent
You are not ugly
Snap judgments never get the complete picture
Don’t be so hard on others
You can be perfect
Be every thing to everyone all the time
Be every thing you aren’t now
Be happy