I wanted to start off this year’s postings with a message related to the hopeful beginnings of a new year. Looking onward toward the year ahead of us, we’re making plans; plans to do great things, plans to be somebody, or plans to forget the person we were and the people who have hurt us; sincerely, we are planning for happiness. Though, as we travel fresh paths, there will come obstacles, adversity, unforeseen changes; and most likely, bad news. The thing about bad news is that in some cases, it is the messenger and their chosen method of delivery that make for a terrible outcome — not the news itself. Being the bearer of bad news doesn’t mean that such news is valid, or even necessary for that matter.

Yet, the fact remains that some people insist on bad news. They relish their role and the chance to be the one to tell the world that everyone is an asshole and that no good truly exists, except in imagination. Through this work, they effectively extinguish hope wherever it lives and mask their love for being the “bad news messenger” by citing that they are a realist, and that realistically, bad things happen. This, is  of course, nonsense. Realistically, good things happen as well. Realistically, everyone wants to love and be loved. Realistically, claiming that good things never happen is the view of a cynic—NOT a realist.

When it comes down to it, it seems that cynics need to believe that the negative aspects of the world are the only true nature that exists within it. If someone can successfully convince themselves that all the world is bad, then they would also succeed in making sure that there were no expectation of themselves to be better, to try harder, and to have compassion for others. The cynic is a lazy person. The cynic is a person who seeks to extinguish expectation so that all people are equally bad, and therefore he or she is never alone, but rather forever a part of a nameless group who’s motto is “I don’t have to give a shit”, because everything is shitty anyway. Beware of the cynic. The cynic is cunning and seeks believers for their cause—a cause pursued with a fervent wanting because their cause sustains them. The life and outlook of a cynic requires a deeply selfish nature.

I am wary of the cynic and the news he or she brings about the world. I refuse to live in that kind of world because it doesn’t really exist; trying hard to prove it’s existence is an act of desperation and an exercise of fantasy as imagination is needed to continually weave a story intolerant of good. The good is there; it has always been there, though hidden deep beneath the layers of fear, anger and disappointment. If we can trust the process, trust that life is inherently good, along with those who share it; if we can see the fear in ourselves, the pain in others, and refuse to submit to the power of anger, we can all find happiness. So I say to you all, this new year, 2012, engage life as you never have before. Challenge yourself and old beliefs. Insist on change and exploration. Demand more of yourself, but think more of, and do more for others. Remember that life is a gift, and that every time you breathe, it is given again and again. And most of all, consider: to be alive itself is a miracle, and no miracle is ever a bad thing.