A song I wrote the other day. Enjoy.

“Cereal Killer” © 2012 Matt Rose Music


We’re stuck on this old couch
You’re running your big mouthTalking about how nothing’s changed
You threaten to leave me
To hop on a jet plane

Not this shit again

So I’ve got a new plan
Precluding submission
Somewhere in the kitchen there must be 
Some way to be happy, some milk and some sugar coated wheat
For me

But you ate all my favorite cereal
A spoonful a flavored sanity
I’ll probably kill you
I could hide your body easily
The moment when life becomes surreal
I’ll just kill you
For eating my favorite cereal

The blaring of TV
Ensures you won’t hear me
Not that you listened much before
I’m thinking a big wrench
To the side of your temple

Surely, could even this score

More for a crime unsuspected
No detail neglected
I’ve learn every method from Dhamer and Dexter
Perplexing detectives 
All that forensics and police