The 4 Types of Erections Everyone Should Know

Erections are actually quite mystical. When it comes to vaginas and the mystery of womanhood, the idea practically sells itself. You could read the science literature, but the enchantment prevails. I mean, what exactly IS a clitoris REALLY and why […]

You Don’t Really Love Me

  For all of the brilliant music John Mayer has written, he definitely caved to the pressures of mainstream marketing at some point. These minor lapses in better judgement would later go on to birth the shameful pandering of sappy […]

When We Fall

Photo, courtesy of Dan Enrico We all fall down. But we don’t all experience falling down in the same way; some are ignorant and some are knowing. There is an ignorant person who will fall and never know it. They […]

Why I Got Engaged For A Week

Last week I got engaged—but only because the internet SAID I was. When it came to me, this feeling of wanting to be engaged, I did the only thing any sane person living in this era could do: I blasted […]