The End of Competency in a Post-Truth Era

I officially have more education than the President of the United States and the majority of his top advisors. Apparently a Bachelor’s degree goes much further these days than it used to, though I’m not quite celebrating what amounts to […]

Greener Grass

Whenever it happens that I think about greener grass, I also consider the headaches that come along with it. What happens if it fades and turns yellow? What about invasive weeds? And, what happens when the neighbor’s unsupervised dog decides […]


The Meaning of Doors

There are more to doors than meet the eye. It’s a silly thing to say the least, but every now and then there comes an experience that forces you to think more deeply about something as simple as a door. […]

gun control

Gun Control and the Impulse to Kill

Gun culture and a lack of gun control go hand in hand in the United States. Cowboys, SWAT teams, and that drunken neighbor who swears he knows someone in the NAVY seals—they all have one thing in common: they’re all bigger, […]

Forrest Gump is a Zen Master

Forrest Gump. A man so ridiculously successful he makes Arnold Schwarzenegger look like that slacker with a reserved seat in after-school detention. Forrest Gump just may be the greatest example of how ignorance equals bliss—or perhaps he’s just the greatest […]