Greener Grass

Whenever it happens that I think about greener grass, I also consider the headaches that come along with it. What happens if it fades and turns yellow? What about invasive weeds? And, what happens when the neighbor’s unsupervised dog decides […]

gun control

Gun Control and the Impulse to Kill

Gun culture and a lack of gun control go hand in hand in the United States. Cowboys, SWAT teams, and that drunken neighbor who swears he knows someone in the NAVY seals—they all have one thing in common: they’re all bigger, […]

Are You Holding Your Breath?

Check your breath. Is it deep? Shallow? Quick and short? Calm and controlled? The breath provides great insight about the integrity of our lives. Think about it. Being alive in itself does not say much about the quality of such living; […]

It’s Not The Drugs

Drugs are bad. You’ve been hearing it since that retired D.A.R.E officer strolled into your health class in middle school to scare the crap out of you about getting hooked on cigarettes, alcohol, and meth—but mostly because somewhere in those […]

You Don’t Really Love Me

  For all of the brilliant music John Mayer has written, he definitely caved to the pressures of mainstream marketing at some point. These minor lapses in better judgement would later go on to birth the shameful pandering of sappy […]