The 4 Types of Erections Everyone Should Know

Erections are actually quite mystical. When it comes to vaginas and the mystery of womanhood, the idea practically sells itself. You could read the science literature, but the enchantment prevails. I mean, what exactly IS a clitoris REALLY and why […]

The Best Father’s Day Gift, Ever

My bungalow sits around the corner from a middle school whose front lawn looks like the cover story of a landscaping magazine. It’s THAT gorgeous. The grass is spotless and full, the bricks are redder than red, and during the […]

Gay or Straight, Haters Gonna Hate

Growing up with Italian and Puerto Rican families, for me, provided great expressions of love. This was true not only of female members, but of males as well. I’m 29 years old now and my grandfather still hugs and kisses […]

It’s Not Gay to Dance

If you haven’t already heard the good news, or you’re simply misinformed, then allow me to enlighten you: I like to get down. And by that I mean: I absolutely and unequivocally dance. I dance in the most hard-core and […]

Celebrated Women, Invisible Men

Where are the men? No, seriously. That’s not a rhetorical question—I want to know. Take a walk through the mall, browse any newsstand, or simply flip through TV stations: Women, women, women, EVERYWHERE. Women products, women’s issues, women’s support groups, […]

Asian Wives and Other Lies.

THE APPETIZER It used to be that if people didn’t like your choices you were out casted and ignored, or beheaded in some central square as part of the day’s entertainment. But things are a bit different now, as diplomacy […]

The Ridiculous Expectations of Women—not Men

Remember that time you were hanging out with your female friends and someone started an intelligent conversation about how women’s body image problems seem to stem more from female expectations rather than male’s? Remember the inquisitive looks on the face […]

Women are not that great at Sex

Look, before we even get into this, let’s get a few things straight first: the title you just read does not imply any other point than what is clearly written. People get in trouble when they write titles like this; […]