Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Sandy…

I watch in awe as she comes: her naked, invisible limbs shuddering under the force of her own desire. She is insaciable and wild for my love, the corners of her mouth dripping—wet—with sweet saliva. And when she comes, she […]

The Trouble with Love

Sometimes, the trouble with love is that it’s forever; and the trouble with forever is that it doesn’t make much sense with mortality. It’s unfair to say that mortal beings should be held to such accountability which exceeds their natural […]

A Matter of My Destruction

I don’t imagine it to be a matter of my own destruction that  I, in good faith, mean to reject a life of endless wanting. I don’t mean to spend this life—nor any other—in constant pursuit of that satisfaction which […]

Glass Mannequins

This is a poem I wrote the other night. Enjoy. Glass Mannequins Humans seem so fragile, even me. Like glass mannequins, we strive on to be more than just transparent shells filled with hopes and dreams; our lights shining from […]

The Uncompromising Man

The uncompromising man is easy to admire because it seems as though he always gets what he wants; he’s always winning and never having to settle. A man unwilling to compromise gets what he wants because he accepts nothing less. […]

Pin-Up Doll

She’s a pin-up doll baby A regular flashing tasty Her passion for fashion, relentlessly batting Those lashes Those lashes Can’t get enough practice And who’s staring at this, from flats down below? The wanting The wanting There’s nothing to know, […]


Update, Status, new and true. Tap, tap, tapping keyboards too You didn’t know? I thought you knew… —just posted up this afternoon Now can’t you see my happiness? What’s all this nonsense… —loneliness? I’ve never heard of such a thing, […]