The Day the World Should Have Ended

I’m not going to say it, and you’re not going to say it, but we both know that we’re all thinking one of two things: “I told you so”, or, “dammit!” For those of you who wanted to relive your childhood as the obnoxious 9-year-old no one really wanted to play with, but who somehow had all the good toys we desired as children: Congratulations—you’ll forever be that person we’ve always secretly wanted to kill, but just can’t seem to find a way to make it worth while. And, for those of you still hunkered down in your makeshift fallout shelters, surrounded by high sodium canned soups, weeping from inside of that second-hand biohazard suit you scored off eBay: I feel your pain bro.
There’s a strange, yet subtly painful feeling in knowing that the Mayan’s probably just got bored and stopped counting the days of their calendar, that maybe, instead of discovering the end of the world that day, they discovered beer, or a new sexual position that everyone just had to try. Sounds good enough to me. I love beer, and sex goes well with that. But, deep down, it’s not that we really wanted to believe the Mayan’s knew something we didn’t, that we might all be killed in some worldwide catastrophe that suddenly justified all those zombie apocalypse films. 
If anything, the disappointment comes in knowing that business will continue as usual, that any event big enough to derail the familiar cycles of poverty, political gridlock, and the exploitation of those held hostage by the financial rat-race rigged against the majority, won’t be coming to the rescue. Nothing and no one will be coming to save us. There will be no golden age of enlightenment, no equalization of human value, and no liberation from arbitrary materialism. Today, that Prada bag and BMW will hold the same dollar and status value it did yesterday, and today, everyone’s gonna go for it. You won’t be telling your boss to “shove it” today, and your credit card company will still call you about those outstanding charges you made during that awesomely drunken weekend you can barely even recall. There’s something to be said about cleaning slates and starting over; there’s a necessity to it. Nature takes care of itself with new beginnings and humans are a part of that. So, maybe we dodged a bullet today, but let there be no delusion about the promise of tomorrow. Live and live well my friends. 
The rat race goes on…
Matthew Rosario

American / Writer / Musician

  • You know they actually nailed down the solstice pretty accurately right? They didn't predict doom just that they could restart their own calendar based on their calculations (or something like that) its pretty dope.

    On the second topic, I think we like shiny things too much to have any other type of lifestyle. We would need to be forced into learning how to like a simpler life. Much like eating bland whole foods after a lifetime of doritos.

  • Chhavi Vatwani

    Thank you for putting into words why I wanted a zombie apocalypse or the whole world to just crash down into zillions of dust particles!! "If anything, the disappointment comes in knowing that business will continue as usual, that any event big enough to derail the familiar cycles of poverty, political gridlock, and the exploitation of those held hostage by the financial rat-race rigged against the majority, won’t be coming to the rescue. Nothing and no one will be coming to save us." Bang on: we will never be rescued by God. And yes, I am not jumping up and down like the rest of my friends and celebrating "I TOLD YOU SO", in FACT, I am so disappointed. I will be sharing this definitely with my friends and family.

  • I couldn't help but think of all the people who felt as if the world DID end due to an untimely death of a loved one. A morbid thought, but crazy to think it was the reality for someone somewhere…

    Anyone secretly hoping for a clean slate (or no slate at all) via the end of the world should take this opportunity to reassess their current situation accordingly. You don't need an apocalypse to change the course of your life, but you do need to drag yourself out of a passive existence. BUT! So much easier said than done.

  • Thanks for reading Chhavi. It's a funny thing when people have to wish for the end of business as usual—it usually means that the system is broken and no longer works for the good of all, only for the good of some. Take care 🙂

  • Cassie, there's something to be said about a system that insists you have all the control you need over your life, but rigs the game against you. My point being that, the expression of disappointment doesn't come from wanting to change this thing or that, it's not a reflection of some superficial failure, but rather, a reflection of the understanding that the game is misrepresented. I, and indeed many other are happy with our lives, and don't consider ourselves passive at all; we've worked hard to make our lives what they are. The trouble comes when realizing that the goal of civilization is no longer human happiness, bur rather, the love of money and greed which has set up a system which denies our very humanity—requiring that we work endlessly, destroy our earth and close relationships, to pay for a cost of living we have no control over. The biggest piece of philosophy which keeps the system going for the top 1% is precisely what you have expressed, "it's all your fault". There's not much good is playing a game that doesn't let you win.

  • Haha! Okay so this post totally made me laugh out loud. You're 100% dead on with that!


  • I'm usually dead on 😉

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