In Search of Water

It happens that when too much time has passed I must seek out water. I must go to its side. It’s not a choice really it’s some sort of deep calling that I’ve felt since as long as I can remember. The familiar desire to seek out a body of water often comes in the event of its prolonged absence. For me,the intrinsic reflective nature of water is not exclusive to the nature of light, but also to the mind. And so knowing this I draw near to its side to reflect.

Today my day began as a quest for new clothing, new shoes, merchandise, things of comfort. Yet, when I departed the bus that took me to the outlet shopping center I did not walk in, but rather instead, walked past its doors and far beyond its location. Some ways down the road the highway bends and curves to meet the entrance of a park; Odo park.

Inside the park itself, the island nature of the land is revealed where water meets a beach on each of its borders. When finally I came to the waterside, I had also come to witnessed scenes of humanity: An old man waist deep in water, fishing in the shallows for something I had never eaten before; a young father and his child wandering along the surf looking for shells; and further along in the distance, I could hear the cheerful cries of a child proclaiming victory, having found a deeply buried shell within the sand; behind the wall where I sat gazing at the light upon the waterโ€™s surface, an older father was throwing pine cones at his son, overcome with laughter on the soft ground below them.

And all the while, amidst the collective experiences of humanity, the waves lapped gently at the beach’s side.

I used to think maybe I was weird, that maybe this secret beckoning to water was something that wasn’t normal. In my own sort of strange fantasy, I sometimes imagine that perhaps I was a fish at one point before I was me. But I know the answer is much more simple than that, for the water is where life gathers. And knowing this single truth, what mystery is left in finding myself here?

I had come to witness life, I had come to express my life, I had come to live.

Matthew Rosario

American / Writer / Musician

  • I too feel sometimes the need of water. I've always thought that it was because my hometown has beach so after moving to a big city without water I missed it. But reading your post made me think that it is really a need, it makes me feel at ease ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yea when I lived just outside NYC, I used to often go to the Hudson, or while in the city, hang by the west side just watching the water. It's a great feeling. You have to get out of the city sometimes. It's important. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ahh yes… I live on an island between Buffalo and Niagara Falls and like to walk along the boardwalk. I enjoy being outside. Great photos.

    • Ahh interesting! My family is original from New Jersey, and while many of my friends have ben to Niagara Falls, I haven't yet. I'd like to go someday. Thanks for reading.

  • same here, just this afternoon, together with my wife and son, spent some quality hours on a beach 1 kilometer walk from our place. because of the strong wind and big waves, we opted not to have dip and red flag was also raised. but feeling the wind and the smell of the sea is still refreshing.

    you said "before you are today, perhaps you were a fish". LOL! i don't know how to describe whether this a coincidence or what because my wife while we were at the beach, jokingly said that she wishes her second life would be a bird. ๐Ÿ™‚

    anyway, another great read and pix.

    • Thanks for reading. It sounds like you and your family had a very nice day ๐Ÿ™‚ You're a lucky man to spend such great times with people who matter most to you! The Ocean is my favorite body of water.

  • I miss the beach, the lakes… The real stuff. The only thing that's closest to my home is the man-made lake and the long large river that I cross to get to school… Beautiful photos you took. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks. Yea natural bodies of water are certainly more inspiring haha.

  • Woow :O
    I really like this post.
    And I agree with tish: beautiful photos you took

  • beautiful spot! where is this? I used to live in Tokyo and the concrete world was exciting but I really missed being in the nature!

    • This is in a park in Fukuoka Prefecture, on Kyushuu island of Japan.

  • Those photos… I love em' all… It's been awhile since I go to the beach. Come to think of it, the beach would be just the place I would rather be at this time just to get some peace for my mind.